Application Procedure

Please download the application (pdf) if you would like to apply:

Application form. Everyone over 18 must fill out separate application.
Missouri Broker Disclosure This form is for your information only and is not necessary to print out.


You must bring a blank money order for deposit when you apply. Application will not be accepted if you do not bring the money order.

Please be sure to fill in ALL the move-in and move-out dates as well as landlord's contact information. An extra page is provided, if needed, for the last 5 years of residency.

For the rental and employment history, please only fill in the top portions. These will have to be faxed by our office to each landlord and/or employer.

On the asset page, please check yes or no to each question. Any yes answers will require verification (ie overtime- need to provide check with OT paid, bank accounts, need to provide recent bank statements).

Please also bring or attach the following documents (applications cannot be processed without these items):
o 6 recent paycheck stubs or award letters for income verification
o Social security cards and birth certificates for each household member
o State photo ID for each adult

 Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

It takes about 1 week to process the application.

Need to know about schools? Link to map of Saint Louis public school boundaries here.